Please understand first and foremost that we exist for you, the readers and writers. We are dedicated to publishing and promoting literature that doesn't have that sickening pretentious smell to it. We like primal, sharp, things that breathe, that live all by themselves, that defy physics and gravity and the speed of sound and become what they were destined to become. We like to read things that force us to react physically and spiritually. We want to read things that climb off the page and bore deep into our brains and spawn... Yeah, we know.

So that's that, please read over the guidelines and send us your best work. Thank you.


Sorry folks, we are way way behind in reading submissions, so if you submitted recently, you're manuscript will get read, it's just gonna take awhile. Sorry. Guidelines are below.
We are temporarily closed to everything other than chapbook length collections and full length collections of things that are messy and do not fit comfortably within a specific genre.

Elecronic submissions only:

What we do:
Full length novels, short story collections, undefineable things.

We also publish 4-6 chapbooks, collectively in one 120-180 page full length collection.

What we look for in a chapbook:
Flash fiction, prose poems, 2-3 cohesive short stories. 25 - 30 pages. If your chapbook does not fall into any of these three categories, please do not submit it. We will not read it and say 'wow this guy is brilliant, we're gonna go ahead and bend the guidelines and change what we do for him.' So please, flash fiction, prose poems, or 2-3 cohesive short stories.

We think this is enough information. We don't want the guidelines too rigid. We want to see what you got. We want you to bring it. Please do not send queries, just send us what you got.

If you have additional questions please send them to the email address above.